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Accessing Energy to Change Habits

I was surprised when I wrote the date yesterday, coming back from ‘holiday-mode’ and into 2012, that January was over. I thought about the things I want to accomplish this year and how, if I place a deadline on them for 2012, I only have eleven months left! Did you make ‘resolutions’, or have you set goals for this year? If so, have you found any of your old patterns beginning to kick in?

Three weeks is the accepted minimum amount of time it takes to break a habit. More than three weeks have gone by in 2012. You may have decided upon a short-term goal, whereby you could be well into a new regime. What old patterns – emotional or mental – have you noticed as you attempt to create change around what you really want?

If you have read other articles of mine, you will know that your emotional patterns, and ailments in your physical body, have their roots in your energetic body – your body represents your environment. For the sake of simplicity, we call it the chakra system, as this term ‘chakra’ is becoming well-recognised in western culture.

The body has seven major chakras, or energy centres, and a great many lesser chakras. The major chakras are recognized as focal points of the life-force, and they connect with physical organs and systems, as well as our emotions, family, past lives and beliefs. Each chakra corresponds to a different area of the body and an aspect of the psyche. They are major junction points between consciousness and your physical body, and each one is associated with a specific vibration.

Chakras, have a direct effect on the state of our physical and emotional health and can impact every aspect of our life, our direction and decisions. The energy body absorbs finer levels of energy from the environment and transmits this through the chakras into the physical body via the endocrine glands. The endocrine system controls the hormone balance in the body, which has a powerful effect on a person’s moods and emotions.

In addition to their connection with the endocrine system, each chakra identifies a core human need. When the chakra is open, the energy that flows through the chakra allows you to meet those needs more effortlessly. When there is a blockage in one area, energy becomes stagnant and your intentions are more difficult to actualize – this can result in the feelings of overwhelm, confusion, or even stagnation.

As a rough guide, here are the seven major chakras and their representations:

The root chakra is positioned at the base of the spine, at the top of the legs. This chakra governs our most basic survival needs. When energy does not flow freely, you may feel anxiety and worry about your safety and stability in the world. On a physical level this chakra governs the back, legs, hips, feet, spine and the circulation of blood. You will maintain a sense of abundance when you can keep energy open in this chakra.

The sacral chakra is positioned in the sexual organs and is our creativity centre. When the energy is flowing freely through this chakra we are free to co-create our life. You will keep this energy centre healthy, and free-flowing, when you communicate honestly with yourself and others. The minute you deny your feelings, is the minute you have denied the power of your sacral chakra. Blockages in this chakra result in addictions (however small they may be), or behaviours we loathe about ourselves. This may mean we don’t allow others to come too close.

The solar plexus chakra controls our will, our personal power. Energy is flowing freely through this chakra when you are simply being yourself, expressing your true feelings, and allowing your true identity to be exposed, regardless of what you think others think of you. This can be tough, right? This is the way we were when we were children. This chakra brings us our strength, our courage and our will to succeed, achieve and survive. Blockages can cause ailments in our pancreas, stomach, liver, gall bladder, nerves and muscles.

 The heart chakra is situated in and around the heart area of our physical body. This chakra is dedicated to overcoming separation and division, and when it is blocked we feel a sense of alienation, separation from others. When it is open, you feel a deep sense of connection to everything and everyone in your life. When you can give without expectation, and receive freely, you open your heart a little more each time.

 This chakra’s connection with the heart is not just symbolic – tests have shown that in patients with recent heart attacks, men who believe their spouses love them suffer fewer complications and have better outcomes than men who are in conflicted marriages. Hostility has been proven as a cause of heart attack!

When the throat chakra is open and flowing, you have the confidence to communicate your needs and desires. If it blocked, you may feel like you are not being heard. Energy blockages in this area are intimately associated with chronic neck problems, or thyroid problems. When energy is flowing freely you can express your truth without fear of criticism. When you say and do what you want, you promote energy flow in this area.

The third eye chakra is situated in the middle of the forehead, and is the centre of intuition and insight. When energy is flowing freely, you have a deep inner knowing, and a connection with your inner voice. You feel supported and guided in your choices. You feel free to express your feelings.

Self acceptance is essential for the health of the crown chakra, at the top of the head, because total acceptance of yourself is wanted for you to totally accept the world around you. As you do you will be relaxed and patient, and trust your insights. When you accept yourself, you stand up for yourself and have a sense of inner authority. You set boundaries for yourself and others – you don’t need others to set them for you.

In a nutshell we understand that when our chakra system is balanced and harmonized, it results in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. If you notice resistance to any of your goals or resolutions, notice the area of the body in which they surface. This may provide you with an indication of the energy that is suppressed or blocked. For instance, if you decide to quit smoking, and then become addicted to sugar, this element of craving has its roots in emotional and energetic patterns. The craving is just a symptom.

Remember to nurture yourself as you create change and accomplish your goals. Nurture your energy system by placing the intention on honouring yourself. Changing a habit, and achieving a set goal are accomplishments that deserve to be acknowledged, not by anyone else, but by you. So take the time to do it for yourself and each time you do you will create a stronger energy flow through your body. You will find yourself with more energy and vitality, providing you with a greater resilience to face challenging times in the year ahead.

Be well ~ Kirsty Greenshields www.createperfecthealthnow.com