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Celebrate Your Accomplishments

In today’s fast-paced world, we generally move from one task to the next.  Once we complete a project, we check it off our to-do list and quickly see what we need to do next.  We have become human-doings rather than human beings, and we do not take the time to acknowledge ourselves for all we do accomplish.

What would it be like to celebrate your accomplishments?  This may sound a little bit silly or selfish.  Really it is not.  Just as an athlete will savor a victory, you should savor your accomplishments.  

Rather than simply moving on to the next item on your list of things to be accomplished, slow down and really look at what you have already done.  Remind yourself of any obstacles you had to overcome to complete the task.  Notice how well you accomplished your goal, and most importantly, consider the traits of character that you had to develop or rely upon in order to make that accomplishment happen.

It is also important to focus on the positive feelings that come from accomplishing tasks.  Too often we dwell on what is left undone.  This can leave us feeling depressed or overwhelmed. 

Moving rapidly from one task to the next also leads to emptiness.  If you are constantly going for the next goal, you will never feel fulfilled.  Since you will never get everything on your to-do list done, it is important to relish the progress you do make each day.  Simply by changing perspectives and celebrating what is already accomplished, you will regain energy to tackle what comes next.

In addition, we often look for acknowledgement of our accomplishments to come from outside sources. We expect a boss, spouse or friend to notice and celebrate what we have done.  However, this external focus means we rarely feel that we are getting the acknowledgement we need and deserve. Therefore, it is important to develop your own strategies for celebrating accomplishments and acknowledging hard work rather than waiting for that acknowledgement to come from others.  By turning your focus inward, you can regain control over the emotional process of working and completing projects.

This does not mean that it is never appropriate to share accomplishments with others.  In fact, sharing it is a great way to mark completion.  When sharing your accomplishment, let the other person know what kind of acknowledgement or celebration you want so that you get the support you really need.

Life is filled with deadlines, tasks and projects.  Often there is incredible pressure to rush from one to the next.  However, by stopping briefly to celebrate each accomplishment, we allow ourselves to be replenished and filled with renewed energy to tackle the things to come.
Tips for Celebrating Accomplishments:

  1. Keep a journal documenting completed projects.
  2. Develop a ritual and practice it each time you complete an important task.
  3. Reward yourself for completing a project by taking a short break.
  4. Share your accomplishment with someone close to you and ask for their acknowledgement

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