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It's a New Year . . . Where Are You Heading?

Happy New Year!  The new year brings us an opportunity to reflect on the past but more importantly, an opportunity to move forward into the future.  Where will you go in 2012?  Do you have a dream, a plan, some goals?  

We all create our lives - whether by design or by default.  In fact, some people spend most of their time dreaming of the life they really want.  They talk about it, think about it, journal about it, but never actually achieve it.  Others are achievers.  They know what they want and somehow they always seem to attain it.  The difference is that those who achieve their dreams have a plan to make them reality.

While I am not a big believer in new year's resolutions, I am a firm believer in consciously creating the life you want.  The steps toward achieving a dream are similar to the course you map out to reach a geographic destination.  For example, if you want to go from Atlanta to New York to visit a friend but you take I-85 southbound, you will never reach you chosen destination.  Similarly, even if you set out goals for your life and create a vision of the life you want, you will not be able to achieve it unless you follow the right path.  Not only must you choose your destination carefully, but you must also have a roadmap to help you get there.  

In order to achieve your goals for this new year, and in your life as a whole, you should first evaluate your commitment to them.  Often when we set a goal but fail to achieve it, the reason is not lack of time or resources but is actually lack of commitment.  Spend some time considering each of your goals and evaluating your commitment to them on a scale of one to ten.  You can do this by asking yourself what you will gain by achieving the goal, how you will feel if you do achieve it, how you will feel if you do not, and what the cost of achieving the goal will be.  There will always be something you must give up and some discomfort you must endure in order to achieve a goal because goals involve change.  

Once you have determined that you are committed to one or more of your goals, you can begin mapping out your course to achieve them.  Begin by working toward the one goal that is most important to you.  It is impossible to make changes all at once, so mapping out your course will involve many small steps.  Keep in mind that the more carefully you plot out your course, the more quickly and easily you will reach your destination.

It is also important to be sure that the roadmap you design will lead to the destination you have chosen in a way that is comfortable for you.  Begin by brainstorming all of the different ways you can think of to reach your goal.  In this phase, do not limit yourself to what is actually possible for you, simply brainstorm without limits.   

Now you can begin to evaluate each possible path based upon your personal skills, limitations and desires.  For example, if you were planning that trip to New York, there would be a number of different ways to reach your destination.  Whether you take the interstate, drive the back roads, hop on a train or fly will depend upon how much time you have, your finances and whether you want to see the countryside.  Therefore, while you are looking for the best path to take to your goal, that decision will be determined by factors unique to you.

In order to achieve your goal, you must be fully committed to reaching it.  Once you choose your goal and create your personalized path, you can begin to travel toward that goal.  While there will be some bumps along the way, if you chart a course you will be able to avoid the dead ends, enjoy the journey and reach your chosen destination.  

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Enjoy the journey,