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Organic Male OM4Men Dry Collection 4-Step System

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Product Description

OM4MEN DRY Skin Collection


Element: FIRE

The Organic Male OM4Men Dry Skin Collection combines hydrovitalizing ingredients from desert succulent and drought tolerant botanicals capable of withstanding the fiery heat of the sun. Highly adaptive, these desert plants have evolved complex moisture retention systems which allow them to thrive in the most unforgiving environments. Oxygenating ingredients are also microblended to revitalize and detoxify thirsty and mature skin.

The Dry Complete 4-Step System includes one full size product in each of the 4 steps: Wash, Balance, Bioactivate, Defend.

Step 1 - Desert Succulent Hydrating Cleanser

Men with dry and/or mature skin require added hydration without residual oil or heaviness. Not surprisingly, the most naturally moisturizing botanicals are found across the desert landscape. Cactus prevents epidermal moisture loss while Yucca gently cleanses the skin. Calendula is blended into a silky cleansing concentrate that effectively removes dirt and debris without stripping the skin of essential oils. Sage and Desert Chaparral reduce inflammation and heal stressed, thirsty skin.

Note: Ginger is a natural ingredient which stimulates cellular oxygenation. You will note a slight tingling/heating effect which may cause slight redness up to 15 minutes. This is the intended effect and should be considered normal. Your skin is not being burned. The heat will slowly dissipate leaving a noticeably vibrant healthy complexion.

Product Weight: 5.072 fl. oz / 150 ml

Step 2 - Desert Springs pH Balancer

A hydrating and soothing pH balancer. Desert Licorice contains glabridin, a brightening and whitening agent which suppresses the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin discoloration. In addition to thier moisture retention and hydrating properties, Sage and Sandalwood have a powerful aromatherapy effect, alleviating stress and fatigue while energizing the mind, body and spirit.

Product Weight: 4.227 fl. oz / 125 ml

Step 3 - Warm Sands Botanical Youth Serum

Bathe your skin in moisture-rich desert botanicals, vitamins A, B, C and Aloe. This hydrovitalizing youth serum contains Horsetail, which strengthens capillary walls, and Desert Licorice and Stoneroot, potent cellular repair and skin brightening agents. Naturally harvested New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, suspended in sauvignon blanc grape seed extract, is then precisely microblended to provide the earth's preeminent source of Omega-3s as measured by the ORAC scale.

Product Weight: 1.014 fl. oz / 30 ml

Step 4 - Thirst Quenching Moisture Complex

Saw Palmetto, Calendula and Jojoba oil are microblended with hydrating and healing desert botanicals Cactus, Yucca, Desert Chaparral, Sage and a hint of ginger to increase cellular oxygenation. Your skin will be bright, vibrant and perfectly moisturized without feeling greasy.

Product Weight: 3.381 fl. oz / 100 ml

For a complete listing of product ingredients, please visit individual product pages

Skin Type: Dry Skin

Ingredient Benchmark: Whole Foods Premium Standards

Micro blended skin care – hand made in small batches


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  1. 5 stars 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Mar 2011

    I've been using this 4-step system for a few months now. I have to say this is a superior product! I have combo skin but decided to go with the Dry Complete 4-step system because of my age (46). What a great decision, my skin tome is evening out quite nicely and there is no oily residue.