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Launch Promotion

A Special Launch Promotion for friends of O&N Collective.


The first 50 Ladies to order $100 or more and the first 25 Men to order $50 or more will receive a special gift:

Ladies: a one of a kind, custom-hand made/hand dyed LAVUK Tunic.

Men: WooLoot's Exclusive Yellow Cresta Sports Watch.

About Lavuk

O&N Collective, Inc is proud to annouce our collaboration with Eco-Fashion Designer, Natasha Gindin, and her label, LAVUK, with an Exclusive Offer to our customers in celebration of the Launch of our Apothecary!!

O&N Collective is honored to have this opportunity to work with such an amazing designer, Natasha Gindin and her fashion label LAVUK. Natasha embodies such depth and beauty within herself....and this is directly reflected in her designs. With the use of organic and all-natural textiles each piece she creates, sweatshop free and locally in Los Angeles, simply displays true consciousness to womens' health, the health of our planet, and bringing an essence of "authentic" beauty back to the Fashion Industry! We could not be more grateful for Natasha's involvement with our launch and celebrate her innovation and impactful ideals around sustainable beauty."
-Michelle Witherby

"LAVUK is so excited to be a part of O&N Collective and the launching of their Apothecary!

We had the opportunity to experience some of O&N’s products & Brands and work directly with the creator of the company Michelle Witherby. Through this, we were left with nothing but a pleasant feeling and thereby we were pleased when Michelle asked us to create a special style for her first 50 lucky  Shoppers.

We decided that the best thing to do is something completely healthy but at the same time very stylish and wearable during any season, layered or single. We came up with our "Draped Top" that is made from shear organic cotton and hand dyed with minerals, sewn in Los Angeles, sweatshop free. What could be healthier than this? O&N’s customers can have not only safe skin care products but continue this trend with healthy and stylish fashion!

In this way inner and outer beauty can become ONE!"


The Details:

  • The First 50 Ladies to order $100 + of product will recieve a one of a kind, custom-hand made/hand dyed LAVUK Tunic
  • A percentage of sales will be donated to the Woman for Woman Int'l Organization and Komen Advocacy Alliance
  • This design was created by Natasha exclusively for the O&N Collective launch
  • One size fits all
  • One per customer order
  • Offer ends April 15th or while supplies last
  • NO returns or credits will be accepted
  • Free Standard shipping does apply to this offer, Next Day shipping is excluded
  • Care/Cleaning Instructions included with shipment

About WooLoot


Promoting optimal health and wellness through sports and fashion.

WooLoot was originated with the goal of combining two worlds: fashion and sports. When it comes to fashion, WooLoot manufacture and design unique products and transforms them to the latest sports fashion craze. We have an ongoing determination to keep up with the constant change in sports apparel and provide our consumer with outstanding products. Hard work, passion and motivation are the three things that an athlete needs to perform at their best, and that is what we are willing to provide for our athletes. WooLoot makes it happen because our athletes make it worth it.

Fist 25 male shoppers to purcahse $50 + will receive WooLoot's Exclusive Yellow Cresta Sports Watch with purchase.

Wooloot Cresta Sports Watch:

  • Contains tourmaline: A semi-precious mineral stone that is a natural resource of negative ions. Tourmaline is known for its ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body, for increasing concentration, for improving sleep, meditation and relaxation.
  • lcd screen
  • Soft-feel natural rubber
  • Ultra light at 10g
  • Water resistant 3 atm
  • User replacement battery
  • 12 month guarantee

The Details:

  • Offer ends April 15th or while supplies last
  • One unit per order
  • No return for credit available
  • Percentage of sales towards support of the Live Strong Foundation