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Our Story

Our passion for a sustainable beauty apothecary started with having family and friends suffering from health problems and chronic illness, causing them to reduce or completely eliminate the use of popular, well known personal care & beauty products.They had to re-evaluate their health choices from the inside-out (nutrition) as well as the outside-in (what touches and surrounds us).

The misleading information behind ingredients labeling in the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry was alarming. After the realization of the extreme lack of concern these Industries have been communicating through the inclusion of harmful & synthetic chemicals.....our overall interest and awareness of the need for more holistic resources, like O&N, began to evolve. This lead us reach out to a network of leaders for advice and knowledge of the toxic ingredients used within products today and the health benefits in utilizing natural, healthy ingredients…..this quest for information, coupled with passion, presented the opportunity to follow a dream and establish O&N Collective, Inc.

Organic & Natural Collective identifies with a communal belief that as we take better care of ourselves as a whole – we create the “ripple effect” so the same attention to care outreaches to many. We have brought together a community of like-minded souls who will not only want to enjoy and shop our apothecary, but also share expert advice, resource healthy living ideas, and to spread the word on living a green, clean, and conscious lifestyle.

Whether you have become more aware due to an illness, or you are an expectant mother, or just because you have felt moved to seek healthier products, that are also healthier for our planet, we welcome you to our apothecary. You have our Promise that each Brand we represent has been evaluated and hand selected because of a shared vision and commitment to upholding the highest standards:

  • Truth in Labeling – Full disclosure of product Ingredients
  • Certified Organic & Natural Ingredients
  • Safe & Non-Toxic Ingredients (free of parabens/sodium laureth sulfates/phthalates/petro-chemicals)
  • Cruelty Free
  • O&N Collective, along with our Brands, work towards implementing fair labor practices
  • Exceptional Product Performance
  • Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices
  • Of our 9 Brands, 8 of them are Women Owned & Operated
  • Dedication to recycled content and recyclability of packaging
  • Prioritize in giving back to local and/or global charities and organizations
  • Commitment to being an ethical company in all areas; human rights, cruelty free, social and environmental standards

-Founder: Michelle Witherby & Maxine (our holistic pup!)

A professed “product junkie” from a young age, my love affair with beauty began by creating perfumes from roses and peonies around the age of 10. From that moment on my tender interest in wanting to smell “pretty” and “girlie, over the years, grew into a full-blown obsession!! Always being ready to experience a new designer perfume, cosmetic and skin care line, my inventory of product raged on into the masses. You name the product and Brand, high end or economical, and I would bet it spent time on either my vanity or in my baskets of products under the sink. It wasn’t until my overall outlook on health began to change that I began paying more close attention to how all things affect our bodies. Being a traveler and someone always open to the ecstatic experience I searched the Globe in an attempt to find skin care products and lifestyle techniques to assist in maintaining a balanced, youthful and healthy life. In my explorations, I have been fortunate in teaming and working with Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Environmentalists, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Yogis, Meditation Teachers, and Mentors to better understand the body, its’ functioning properties and defenses. Because of my amazing teachers I began to live more consciously, not always in perfect harmony, but conscious nonetheless. Living sustainably and “organically” for me not only encompasses the food I eat but more specifically the products I use on my body and throughout my home, the support and dedication to local businesses, and understanding how our actions affect others and our Planet. I strive to be open to all the beauty and changes life has to offer!!

Live Happily | Be at Peace | Do good work | Be Well