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Rave Reviews

Hear what our clients are saying about O&N Collective and our products:

"The Blissoma face wash, toner, and moisturizer have worked wonders already. My face looks so much better and has cleared up beautifully. Such great products! I also can't wait to get into my Eat Pretty book." -D Jordan

"I have found my all-time perfect brand of skin care; Kahina Giving Beauty! Thank you for the introduction O&N" - GPJ

"Thank you for your generosity in always giving back to local and global efforts Michelle & The O&N team, and for selling products that really make a diffrence!" -Karin Greyson

"I am most grateful for the healing powers O & N Collective products have had for my toddler son who suffered many many MRSA outbreaks from harmful bacteria entering his body through his eczema. With the powers of O & N, his eczema is under control and has not had a MRSA issue in over a year! THANK YOU!" 

"I just wanted to let you know, I have received several beautiful and useful gifts from O&N Collective; wonderful skin care items along with candles galore! Everything I have gotten from this wonderful website has been so appreciated and a quick favorite. Thank you for this unique collection of products"Angela Brossard

"Thank you Michelle for recommending the Blissoma line to me. After searching for the perfect fit to a skin care regime, I now have the products and care my skin so needed. Not only do I see a difference, but everyone around me does. Gracias" - KM

"There needs to be more companies like you O&N Collective.....you're full of impact!" -DS

"Thanks O&N Collective for all you do, the products you sell and for being such an advocate for safe skin care" - Lynne Campbell

"Just sprayed my Neom Organic Real Luxury Room Mist during a stressful work situation and feel gently soothed by the Lavender. It's gently fragrant but not too strong and sickly like most room sprays. Recommend highly" -Gwyneth

"I just wanted to tell you how great the Zoe Organics Extreme Cream is. My one-year old son's eczema was so, so terrible that we had given up hope on what we could use that was safe but effective.  Now our family is never without our Extreme Cream - the entire family uses it.  Thanks O&N for your amazing customer service and care." - Karen

"On your recommendation, I started using a couple of products from the Kahina line, and I was in love at the first touch. My eczema is gone and may face is as smooth as it was when I was a baby. I have spent the better part of my life being the queen of skin issues - O&N and Kahina have impacted my life in huge ways. With love & appreciation!" -Tyler P

"I loved every second of it!  You clearly put so much love into my box. Thank you so very much
Thanks thanks thanks!!!"  - JS

"I feel like it should be my birthday!  I received your package today and had so much fun exploring all the wonderful gifts. I appreciate so much your recommendations for a "beauty routine" ...such as it is with my minimalist approach.
"I would like to compliment you on your beautiful presentation -- love the handcrafted Kahina cosmetic bag which supports the entrepreneurial spirit of women in India and your eco-friendly packaging material." -Susan

Dearest Michelle,  

"I absolutely loved everything in my package.  The  Moksa & Tata products are fabulous and beautiful!!! Thanks again!!!!" - CT

"Hi  Michelle,

My little girl has very sensitive skin and the Zoe Organics massage oil worked SO well.  The fragrance  od essential oils is so refreshing and reminded me of when I would go to the spa.  I look forward to trying the other soaps and creams as you might have an organic convert here."

"I think your branding and presentation would make anyone receptive to your message of holistic and sustainable skincare." – T. Beyea

"Love the consistency and aroma of my Tata products. Thank you..." -Kathleen

"The website is excellent; very easy to use, friendly, looks great, and very professional. Ordering on our site is super fast ( I love that), overall it’s excellent, I give O&N Collective 5 stars!" -Veronica

"I want to thank you for the beautiful products offered. It was a nice surprise. Fantastic products.
Thanks for helping other women." -MHR

"Dear O&N,  I want to let you know that your packaging for my order is great. I will have to order more products from you very soon. I just have hard time making my mind up what I need. I want it all!!!!" -N. Gindin

"My brother & sister-in-law welcomed their new daughter into the world.  They love their products and said they will only be using O&N for their purchases from here on out. Your concierge service was a dream to use. XO Thank you" -Mai Do