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Six Steps to Living Healthier and Longer

Our Western medical model would have us believe that our health and ageing is pre-determined, and that there is nothing we can do about it. According to the beliefs in which most of us were raised, we must simply ‘manage’ the ageing process, as we become ever-increasingly ‘broken’, be it mentally or physically. You are reading this though, which means you know there is a better way, even if you don’t know what it is just yet.

That means that you are prepared to challenge those outdated beliefs and this month I want to provide you with some simple steps to do that. In keeping with the beautiful Spring theme on this website, I have Six Steps To Living Healthier and Longer.

We will soon be moving into Autumn here in Australia, and while Spring is the season for birth and renewal, autumn is the season for shedding and release. Both are part of the natural cycle of life and, to maintain optimal health and wellbeing, it is just as important to release as it is to renew. The steps below provide you with some practical activities that will help you to renew and release.

Step One. Connect. Our body is the representation of our spirit. If it is unwell, then our spirit, too, is feeling malnourished in some way.  If you spend as little as ten minutes each day connecting with your body, you will start to become re-acquainted with the perfection that radiates from your source.

Step Two.  Respect. You are unique. You don’t need to compare the way you look, act, or what you have with anyone else. When you start to respect yourself, this becomes evident to you. Set healthy boundaries for yourself (like taking time out for you each day, as per step one). Then, at the end of the day, take a few minutes to reflect on what you did well during the day.

Step Three. Energise. When you start to make the first two steps a habit, this step naturally happens as a consequence. By connecting with, and respecting, yourself, you will want to eat better, exercise and do those things that cause you to feel younger and more vital.

Step Four. Acknowledge Your Emotions. The healthy expression of emotions plays a huge role in a healthy, vital person. I consider the release of toxicity from our body to be just as important as having an awareness of what we place in to our body.

It is important to adequately express what we are feeling, so suppressed emotions do not cause toxic build-up in our body. An accumulation of such toxins means that the liver becomes overloaded, which means it is unable to operate effectively, leading to fatigue and lowered immunity.

Step Five. Trust Yourself. We are so bombarded with information about how to be a healthy person these days – it can be really confusing! You have an innate knowing about what your body needs.  As you gain a greater connection with, and respect for, your body, you will begin to understand its messages more clearly.  

Step Six. Empower Yourself. Take ownership of your health. Actively seek knowledge that will empower you to access your inner healing abilities. Surround yourself with people who encourage you, and who assist you to continue to grow healthier and more vital. As you start to feel more comfortable on this path, you will raise your level of consciousness, which will only assist you to continue to make even more empowering choices.

If you implement these steps into your life for just three weeks this Spring, in conjunction with your beautiful, natural skin care regime, I promise you that you will start to feel younger and healthier. If you want to know more, or you would like to leave a comment, I always love to hear from you.

Much Love, XO