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The Organic Male

First, I would like to say we are delighted to be partnering with O & N Collective to debut our men's skin care line, Organic Male OM4.  O & N Collective has an amazing assortment of products, and more importantly is a like-minded, conscious, socially responsible and eco-savvy company!

Organic Male was a brain child of mine many years ago. As a spa owner, I was well aware of the product lines available for women.  Yet as I scanned the marketplace, I could not find anything that excited me for men.  There were no product lines that accounted for the differences in male and female skin, nor any that were skin type specific.  To be sure, there were few that contained any sort of natural ingredients. 
At our spa, we carried Eminence Organics.  Our customers continue to love it today, except for men.  The fruit and vegetable based content with amazing smells of the orchards, vineyards and farmlands of Hungary, are just not quite as popular among our male clientele.  Don't get me wrong.  I am a huge Eminence fan, and our clients adore the product.  Men, however, are a slightly different animal. 

I am going to generalize a bit here, so this may not be true for everyone.  As men, we have very specific shaving related needs.  Men's products should prevent and alleviate razor burn and bumps, heal nicks and cuts, disinfect, repair the acid mantel and prevent ingrown hairs.  We like products that are lightly scented, clean and natural.  We don't like heaviness or a greasy oily feel.  This could be due to the fact that our skin is naturally oilier than women's as a result of increased testosterone levels.  Testosterone also fuels our macho male ego and we say stupid things like, "skin care is for women," and "I'm not using that stuff on my face..."  We are indeed lucky, because our skin is on average 30 percent thicker than female skin and far more age defiant.  We look great well into our late thirty's and forty's.  The unfortunate reality is that when we start to age, the onset is often swift and dramatic.

I grew up on an organic dairy farm in Wisconsin.  Not surprisingly, I love organics.  I too was one of those men who didn't like putting anything on my face.  No way!  In fact, I didn't start using product until I opened the spa in my late 30's.  What I wouldn't give to go back and start in my teens.  Help your children understand this!  No matter how hard it is to envision getting old at that very young age, starting early makes a difference!  Obviously, starting early with healthy life habits, i.e. eating well, routine exercise, balance...plays a huge role in skin aging.  Don't forget genetics.  That too impacts the rate.  Research clearly shows you can dramatically defer the onset of fine lines and wrinkles by starting early.  The good news is it is never too late.

If Michelle ever invites me back to talk more about male skin care, I have lots to share.  Our research and technology is pretty amazing, but I rather focus on my passion for the moment - supporting sustainable organic agriculture and helping men understand the importance of skin health and nutrition.  Adopting a regimen will positively impact your appearance, but more importantly to me, will positively influence your confidence, well being and the results they produce in the world every day.  That is what drives me to do what I do, and do it well.

I hope you will try Organic Male OM4 and judge for yourself how you look and feel within a few short weeks.  If you are not happy, I will gladly work with O & N Collective to ensure your satisfaction.  Until next time!

Cheers to healthy and younger looking skin!


Michael Bruggeman
CEO & Vice President, International Brand Development
Organic Male OM4