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Wellness and Good Health


The essence of “wellness” begins at our very core, literally. Our health and the dictation of our health, commences at the cellular level, beneath the skin, within our organs and bloodstream. We rarely think of our physiology this way, yet it is vital to consider that all we breathe, what we consume and where we live, basically ALL of our choices, directly impact our state of well being. An alarming amount of disease in this country can be and is attributed to our diet, environmental factors, lack of exercise and the bombardment of toxins, both in heavy and moderate amounts, that we are exposed to each and every day. As research has discovered, there are known human carcinogens in our cosmetics and personal care products such as formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, lead acetates, artificial fragrances, silicones and dyes. The food and drink we consume and the ways in which they are processed have detrimental ingredients as well. Our foods that are grown non-organically and that which is processed has innumerable amounts of carcinogens like mercury in our fish, sodium nitrates in our meats, toxins in our plastics, artificial sweeteners and coloring, to toxins in our soil from pesticides and run off.

Singularly, one element alone is not in and of itself harmful, but collectively and multiplied by the onslaught of toxins throughout our days, the systems of the body and its’ defense mechanism of the immune system can’t handle the daily battle waged against it. Collectively the barrage of harmful substances invades our powerful immune system and causes it to go hay wire in many different respects. Toxins trigger a battle against the very system that is there to protect the health of one’s body. This battle brews at the cellular level . . . . . . . then many of us, millions of us are handed a DIAGNOSIS of CANCER, HEART DISEASE or CHRONIC ILLNESS.

Our immune system is probably the greatest system that exists on earth. The immune system has the ability of telling the difference between self or foreign invader, good or harmful, and nutrient or toxic. When foreign or toxic is identified, the immune response is immediate and then becomes a defensive response to the invader. Soon the cells that normally protect oneself and our wellness, radically respond conversely to normal function, and hence a battle begins deep inside our cells for WELLNESS. When the healthy immune system turns on oneself it is now labeled as an “autoimmune response”. An autoimmune response is one of which the immune system attacks its’ own self resulting in wellness dissipating, and more than likely a diagnosis of disease. Some disease is hereditary or congenital, but much is the causation of foreign invaders and toxins that can be diminished or even abolished. As mentioned, it is the daily onslaught of toxins we take in that must be improved upon or avoided all together.

Thankfully, we can control our environments and safeguard our health more proactively by making better choices and by being kinder and gentler to all the systems of our precious bodies. WELLNESS is a gift. There is nothing really more valuable to us, to our quality of life, to our quality of relationships, and quality of our existence, than to be well from our inner being to our outer being. WELLNESS . . . . . should be the only condition we aspire to. Pass it on!

Susan J. Chambers

My journey into life has me residing in Roswell, Georgia with my husband of 32 + years, our three grown children and our three pets. I have been very blessed in my marriage to my best friend and soul mate. In 2006 my health deteriorated suddenly at the age of 48 with a sudden and shocking diagnosis of Auto Immune Liver Disease. Specifically Primary Biliary Cirrhosis/ Auto Immune Hepatitis. This condition has dramatically affected my wellness and my quality of life. But it too has taught me so very much of the importance of all the things we take for granted and all the experiences and people we love and care about.

I have been working in the field of Dentistry for 22 yrs and currently have been working with children in Pediatric Dentistry as an Office Manager for 16 years!

I am the proud sister of Michelle Witherby Founder of O& N Collective. I have been introduced to these superior products that are offered through her, and I am proud of the work she is doing and for her commitment to eco friendly and healthy personal products. Wellness is certainly her goal!

Let’s all keep moving and directing ourselves to a state of WELLBEING. Let’s all just keep moving along life’s path and enjoy PEACE, LOVE, JOY and GOOD HEALTH