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Why O&N


Beauty does in fact run skin deep; do you know what ingredients are in the beauty products you use?


A professed “product junkie” from a young age, my love affair with beauty began by creating perfumes from roses and peonies around the age of 10. From that moment on my tender interest in wanting to smell “pretty” over the years, grew into a full-blown obsession. Always being ready to experience a new designer perfume, cosmetic and skin care line; my inventory of product raged on into the masses. You name the product and Brand, high end or economical, and I would bet it spent time on my vanity.

It wasn’t until my overall outlook on health began to change that I began paying more close attention to how all things affect our bodies. Being a traveler and someone always open to the ecstatic experience, I searched the Globe in an attempt to find skin care products and lifestyle techniques to assist in maintaining a balanced, youthful and healthy life. In my explorations, I have been fortunate in teaming & working with Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Environmentalists, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Yogis, Meditation Teachers, and Mentors to better understand the body, its functioning properties and defenses. Because of my amazing teachers I began to live more consciously, not always in perfect harmony, but conscious nonetheless.

Living sustainably and “organically” for me not only encompasses the food I eat but more specifically the products I use on my body and throughout my home, the support and dedication to local businesses, and understanding how our actions affect others and our Planet. My desire is to create a global community where like-minded individuals actively strive to improve their health choices from the inside-out {nutrition} as well as from the outside-in {what touches & surrounds us}.

I want to revolutionize the Cosmetic & Beauty Industry...and we are doing it, one beautiful face at a time. 



According to a 2005 survey by the Environmental Working Group, the average woman may encounter 168 chemical ingredients in her beauty regimen every day while men encounter 85 chemicals on average. Using these personal care products on a regular basis, we risk stockpiling harmful chemicals within our bodies, whose organs must then work harder in the natural process of detoxification and excretion.

We know the skin is not solid barrier – it’s a permeable organ that easily absorbs a variety of chemicals throughout our daily lives. Think as to the reason why the nicotine and birth control patches were so effective in changing a person’s body chemistry in an attempt to fight the urge to smoke or protect against a pregnancy. Long ago, our skin’s receptivity was a great benefit; think mineral-rich salts and pure quenching hydration….but today toxic chemicals find their way into our bloodstream, cells, breast milk, and our precious children thru harmful ingredients found within our personal care products.

When you shop Organic & Natural Collective, you're guaranteed:

  • Truth in Labeling – Full disclosure of product Ingredients
  • Certified Organic & Natural Ingredients when available
  • Safe & Non-Toxic Ingredients (FREE of ingredients that are associated with reproductive harm, are known carcinogens, endocrine/neurological/hormone disruptors)
  • Cruelty Free
  • We strive to work with ethical & fair trade manufacturers whenever possible
  • Exceptional Product Performance
  • Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices
  • Majority of our packaging contains an average of 90% PC waste
  • Of our 10 Brands, 9 of them are Women Owned & Operated
  • Dedication to recycled content and recyclability of packaging
  • Prioritize in giving back to local and/or global charities and organizations
  • Commitment to being an ethical company in all areas; human rights, cruelty free, social and environmental standards


Through Organic & Natural Collective, I want to provide you with the knowledge and peace of mind in knowing that the unique & effective Brands we represent have been hand selected because of their dedication to transparency & accountability in using only safe, non-toxic, and health conscious ingredients within their products.  Offering products that promote optimal Beauty, Health and Wellness is our apothecary’s purpose.

Quality+Consistency+Efficacy+Safety=Peace of Mind

Gotta give love to my holistic pup, Maxine. 

If "green" living is an interest or passion of yours, follow my Blog : Organic Contessa