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Show your body some serious love this year with proper hydration. Click here to learn more about why bkr is such an important part of your beauty and lifestyle ritual. 


Happy 2015

"In every heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty." ~ Christopher Morley

The New Year brings new beginnings, explorations, time of reflection and moments of looking ahead. As we look ahead to what 2015 has in store for us, let's not think with a harried heart; the multi-tasking, hustle bustle, first off the starting blocks perspective. Let's make this new year journey a long one. One in which moves at a simpler, more authentic pace. A pace that honours our process of settling in to what is new and ahead for us these next 12 months. A pace that allows our hearts to expand in gratitude for what has past and what's to come, allows our minds to dream and our actions to follow suit. 

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 The Collective's Essentials to Treat Winter Skin: Women & Men Top Picks




1. Kahina Giving Beauty: Artisan Hand/Body Soaps (Trio Pack or Sold Individually) 3 Luxurious Scents Available to Hydrate and Soothe Skin | 2. Sprayology Life Detoxer Oral Spray: Keep the Body Balanced thru the Holidays w/ This Homeopathic Spray That Combats Environmental Toxins (Recycled Airplane Air) and Sluggishness | 3. Blissoma Ultra Sensitive/Reactive Skin Travel Kit: Baby It's Cold Outside, But Warm Inside (Two Words: Skin Complications) Complete with Day/Night Treatments, Cleanser, Toner & Facial Mask, Gentle Enough for The Most Persnickety of Skin + Effective Enough to Treat Any Skin Type with Care + Small Hemp Tote | 4. CV Skinlabs Rescue On-The-Go Travel Skin & Body Kit: Holiday Travel is No Match For Keeping Your Face and Body Super Hydrated and Beautiful This Winter Season + Gorgeous Cosmetic Bag, Ready For Anywhere You Should Roam | 5. bkr Glass & Silicone Water Bottle (Colour; Detox): Keeping The Body Properly Hydrated is a MUST for Any Season, Especially Winter ... Keep Body Balanced, Moisturized and Flush Those Toxins Out with bkr Detox | 6. Zoe Organics Cream: Our TOP Seller for Treatment of Eczema and Dry Skin, Great for The Whole Family 




1. CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm: Guys, You Work a lot With Your Hands - and They Take a Beating in The Frigid Air, This Petrolatum-Free Balm Nourishes The Skin and Instantly Softens | 2. OM4Men Dry Skin Collection - Travel: Your Skin Dries Out in The Winter, Same as A Woman's. Our Four-Step System Will Keep Skin Balanced and Hydrated, and Convenient Travel Sizes to Accompany You On The Road This Season | 3. Sprayology ManPower Oral Spray: Beat the Holiday Blues and Stress with Our FDA-Approved Homeopathic Spray, whilst Boosting Vitality | 4. bkr Glass & Silicone Water Bottle (Colour: Ryan): Heading to A Business Meeting, Jumping on A Flight or a Workout, Your Body Needs to Stay Hydrated ... Look Sexy While You're At It | 5. Green Body Deodorant (Herbal Detox): A Safe, High-Performance Deodorant That Keeps You Protected & Body Balanced | 6. OM4Men Recover Lip Treatment: Chapped Lip's Best Friend and Life Saver - Keep That Pucker Hydrated 






Join our Movember movement

We chicks here at O&N Collective may not be able to rock the 'stache in support of Movember, and hey do you blame us? But as an online grooming apothecary, we adore our men just as much as our ladies and this month we are doing something extra special in their honor. So while you dudes are growing out those moustaches, we want to soften the somewhat scratchy process! 

For the entire month of November, O&N will be donating to the Movember movement to help further research in prostate & testicular cancer and mental health disease. Here's how:


-> With any/every purchase of OM4Men and GreenBody Natural Deodorant  products (look good, smell good...) 5% of sales will be donated to the Movember movement.

-> In addition, our Collective will match the donation in full!

And just to say, this isn't the O&N ladies first time committing to the cause, our Collective has been a proud Mo'Sista for 3 years running! 

Please join us in helping to change the face of Men's health, everywhere! 


 "Since the inception of O&N Collective we believed that protecting men's health and promoting wellness through safe grooming products, was just as important as the time, care and attention we give to women. We are all on this journey together and we all count! November has been an important month to us because it draws focus to particular men's health issues that we simply as a society and community aren't speaking openly enough about. I have firmly felt this for quite some time, so when the Movember movement launched - we jumped on board as a proud Mo'sista to help raise money, awareness and share our voice in this important cause. 

This month however takes on a deeper meaning for me personally, as my beloved Father was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in May of this year. It came as a shock to him and my family ... as I feel it does for most. We've seen the process of my father going through stages of grief, denial, sadness, anger, to now ... profound optimism. He has thoughtfully chosen to see the light in the midst of this darkness and handles each day with grace. He stays focused on being fully present for mom and loving her and our family, and has said that this disease will not define who he is or how he lives out the remaining years of his life. At 80 years of age, I pray that those years continue on for as many days, weeks and months as he is destined to bless our lives with his magnetic presence. He is a joy and a profound love in our life and I am a lucky, lucky lady to be his daughter. 

This is for you Dad, my brothers, boyfriend, nephews, cousins, uncles, dear friends, and for ALL you courgeous and fabulous men the world over."

Live Well & In Good Health ~ Michelle

Founder + CEO

O&N Collective